Grin and Diana

Our travels around the world

Southeast Asia

Burger’s King for Dinner

Which we ate on a tiny island within a lake on our walk home. The pelicans were cool but the ducks were more amusing pecking at the soles of our shoes. It was the crows that were obnoxiously loud, but still it was a yummy scenic dinner.

One last pic from Gangaramaya - one area was full of such posters burgers-king-for-dinner-which-we-ate-on-a-tiny_1 burgers-king-for-dinner-which-we-ate-on-a-tiny_2 burgers-king-for-dinner-which-we-ate-on-a-tiny_3

Exploring Fort and Pettah

We tried to start the morning off my stopping at the “Good market” which is supposed to be a type of farmers market with baked goods on Saturday mornings at the racecourse, but there was some other holiday so it wasn’t happening. Instead we made our way over to a crunch establishment called Milk and Honey. Grin got too hungry on the way and had a snack at the Coffee Bean and surprisingly liked Diana’s coffee. Ok not so surprising - it was called the “ultimate” ice blended chocolate covered expresso bean drink.

Then we took a three-wheeler up to Fort and walked around the most colonia part of colombo including the “Old dutch hospital” - which is now a pretty mall. We then made our way over the Pettah and Grin immediately bought some of the lose pants we’d seen others wearing. Once we expressed interest they were pretty pushy - helpful but pushy - and i felt reluctant to express interest in any other wares. But it was certainly a site! A bird pooped on our guide book - but at least not our heads!

After we went to Hotel de Pilawoos for reports of excellent Kottu. It was indeed excellent, especially after so much walking!

The Racecourse Milk & Honey Old Galle Buck Lighthouse Samboghi Chaitiya World Trade Center Tallest chandelier in Asia (in Central Point) exploring-fort-and-pettah-we-tried-to-start-the_6 exploring-fort-and-pettah-we-tried-to-start-the_7 Dutch Period Museum exploring-fort-and-pettah-we-tried-to-start-the_9

Pick up Ultimate and really good food

Spent a lot of Sunday at Commons cafe… we somewhat live there now because the internet there is way better than at Chelsea Garden. But who could say no to this Pol Rotti tandoori chicken sandwitch or this fizzy tropical fruit puree?!

Then we went to Pick up at Moors cricket club. There were at least 28 people who came out - we had 2 good games going! This photo is actually from when Grin went back for more at 6:15am on the 22nd.

We had considered going for a swim in a fancy hotel pool afterward but there was a downpour that obviated the need. Then we hit up Park St Mews for a second time where we adored their passion fruit smoothie (with yogurt and honey) so much we got 3. Diana’s crab aioli pasta and Grin’s bacon wrapped chicken with beat salad as well as the mascarpone cheesecake and pictured lemon tart were all pretty great too!

pick-up-ultimate-and-really-good-food-spent-a_0 pick-up-ultimate-and-really-good-food-spent-a_1 pick-up-ultimate-and-really-good-food-spent-a_2 pick-up-ultimate-and-really-good-food-spent-a_3 pick-up-ultimate-and-really-good-food-spent-a_4

Galle Sunset

Loved walking around the walls of the old city.

Outside Frangipani hotel galle-sunset-loved-walking-around-the-walls-of_1 galle-sunset-loved-walking-around-the-walls-of_2 galle-sunset-loved-walking-around-the-walls-of_3 Grin teasing me about standing on the edge of a huge vertical drop off! galle-sunset-loved-walking-around-the-walls-of_5 galle-sunset-loved-walking-around-the-walls-of_6 galle-sunset-loved-walking-around-the-walls-of_7 galle-sunset-loved-walking-around-the-walls-of_8 Billowing pants

Jungle Beach and the Peace Pagoda

jungle-beach-and-the-peace-pagoda_0 jungle-beach-and-the-peace-pagoda_1 jungle-beach-and-the-peace-pagoda_2 jungle-beach-and-the-peace-pagoda_3 jungle-beach-and-the-peace-pagoda_4 jungle-beach-and-the-peace-pagoda_5 jungle-beach-and-the-peace-pagoda_6 jungle-beach-and-the-peace-pagoda_7 jungle-beach-and-the-peace-pagoda_8 jungle-beach-and-the-peace-pagoda_9

Last day at NHSL

I have had an absolutely wonderful experience at the National Hospital. Everyone has been so welcoming and kind. My last day happened to be the birthday of one of the interns and all the housestaff got together for a mid-day celebration. I had wanted to do something nice for them and offered to take them all out for ice cream after work. Somehow this turned into us all going out to dinner at Upali’s (traditional Sri Lanken food) and they staunchly refused to even let me contribute to the bill and moreover had some souvenirs for me. They asked me about my impressions of Sri Lanka and also spoke about what my presence meant to them. I was thoroughly embarrassed but also so grateful to have gotten to know so many amazing people - other future doctors on the other side of the world!

This is how the nurses dispense medicines! Upali's The birthday girl being surprised! And feeding all her guests cake!

First Impressions of Kuala Lumpur

We arrived at 7am after a short 4.5 hour “red eye” flight but were nevertheless defermined to check out the city.

Even the view from the train is nice first-impressions-of-kuala-lumpur-we-arrived-at_1 Sri mahamariamman temple first-impressions-of-kuala-lumpur-we-arrived-at_3 first-impressions-of-kuala-lumpur-we-arrived-at_4 first-impressions-of-kuala-lumpur-we-arrived-at_5 Merdaka Sq Merdaka Sq