Grin and Diana

Our travels around the world

Southeast Asia

Still Day 1 of Kuala Lumpur

We did the walking tour recommended by our guide book and saw Sri mahamariamman temple, Merdaka Sq, and Sze ya temple amoung other sites. We didn’t actually make it in to Masjid jamek mosque as it was prayer time when we went, but it was lovely from the outside anyway. By the time we made it to Damai 11, our hotel near the ultimate fields, we were pretty wiped.

still-day-1-of-kuala-lumpur-we-did-the-walking_0 These noodles with special sause were so good we quickly ordered seconds! Sze ya temple Sze ya temple still-day-1-of-kuala-lumpur-we-did-the-walking_4 still-day-1-of-kuala-lumpur-we-did-the-walking_5 Delicious Vanilla Mille Crepe Cake! Masjid jamek By the time we made to our accommodations we were pretty wiped

Grizzly Open

What a fun tournament! Diana’s team the Care Bears won out in the women’s division, and Grin lead his pick up team to pulled off one victory too. Dinner afterward at Wadi Hadramawt (Arabic) of minced lamb, garlic sauce, fried calamari, and a giant fruit cup/smoothie. Delicious, but not as special as trying a bunch of local food including yummy satay with Grin’s teammates the night before at Suzi’s corner.

Afterward we totally changed our plans for Malaysia. Decided that we were crazy to try to do Teman Negara and Tioman, and everyone had been raving about Penang. So we switched to staying on the west coast to do Melaka, Singapore, Langkawi and Penang. Booked (almost) all our travel and hotels for the rest of the trip in an exhausted delusional frenzy.

Malaysian food the night before at Suzi's Corner with Grin's team Arabian dinner afterwards grizzly-open-what-a-fun-tournament-dianas-team_2 grizzly-open-what-a-fun-tournament-dianas-team_3 grizzly-open-what-a-fun-tournament-dianas-team_4 grizzly-open-what-a-fun-tournament-dianas-team_5

Arrival in Melaka

On the bus, Grin made faces at a little german girl and kept her laughing just about the whole way. At the end, the bus into the crowded city was moving so slowly at a certain point it was much faster for us to get out and walk the rest of the way! We immediately walked past Stadthuys and the old Dutch parts of the city to make it to our hotel Jalan Jalan so we could leave our backpacks at home for a rest.

arrival-in-malacca-on-the-bus-grin-made-faces_0 arrival-in-malacca-on-the-bus-grin-made-faces_1 The tricked out trishaws arrival-in-malacca-on-the-bus-grin-made-faces_3 arrival-in-malacca-on-the-bus-grin-made-faces_4 arrival-in-malacca-on-the-bus-grin-made-faces_5 arrival-in-malacca-on-the-bus-grin-made-faces_6

Melaka Night Market

Melaka was jam packed with people for the long weekend and the Jonker’s night market was quite a specktacle. They had tricked out trishaws brightly colored to celebrate a particular event or cartoon character. We left out things at Jalan Jalan hostal. A bit overwhelmed by the crowd, we ducked into a sit-down cafe for dinner where we had dragon fruit and lime mint juices as well as yummy noodles. Then we continued on through the night market where we at a lot more weird things such as raddish cake, durian (fruit), and fried squid. There was a little side garden with a Mr. Universe statue - he seemed to be quite popular. At the end of the night we got massages. Grin’s “leg” massage really focused predominately on their specialty - the feet. Diana’s “back” massage though was really a full body intense experience with a lot of manipulations and cracking as the masseuse scampered squatting along the edges of the bed - woo!

Durian! melacca-night-market-melacca-was-jam-packed-with_1 melacca-night-market-melacca-was-jam-packed-with_2 melacca-night-market-melacca-was-jam-packed-with_3 melacca-night-market-melacca-was-jam-packed-with_4 melacca-night-market-melacca-was-jam-packed-with_5 About to get a foot massage

Melaka, morning of Wesak/Vesak Day

I was skeptical of having dim sum for breakfast, but Low Yong Mow was amazing, particularly the Pao (steamed pork buns). Then we stumbled upon people getting ready for the Wesak Day festivities by putting hooks and spears through each others flesh - right on our little street!

malacca-morning-of-wesakvesak-day-i-was_0 malacca-morning-of-wesakvesak-day-i-was_1 malacca-morning-of-wesakvesak-day-i-was_2 malacca-morning-of-wesakvesak-day-i-was_3 malacca-morning-of-wesakvesak-day-i-was_4 malacca-morning-of-wesakvesak-day-i-was_5 malacca-morning-of-wesakvesak-day-i-was_6 malacca-morning-of-wesakvesak-day-i-was_7


Our bus ride from Melacca was made exciting by twice having to leave the bus and run through some building for different customs proceedings. We were running because the bus driver said “go, quickly, quickly” while pointing at the building, and then pulled away, so we were somewhat terrified of getting left behind with some of our belongings still on board.

Lor 9 Beef Kway Teow singapore-our-bus-ride-from-melacca-was-made_1 singapore-our-bus-ride-from-melacca-was-made_2 singapore-our-bus-ride-from-melacca-was-made_3 singapore-our-bus-ride-from-melacca-was-made_4 singapore-our-bus-ride-from-melacca-was-made_5 singapore-our-bus-ride-from-melacca-was-made_6 singapore-our-bus-ride-from-melacca-was-made_7 singapore-our-bus-ride-from-melacca-was-made_8 singapore-our-bus-ride-from-melacca-was-made_9

Singapore 2

In general we were a little underwhelmed, but we did really enjoy Marina bay, the helix bridge,and the gardens by the Bay. At the gardens we did the sky walk through super trees and sat for a while by a giant koi pond. Then we found maxwell hawker center and ate carrot cake (Nothing to do with the kind you’re thinking of), satay, and passion fruit + soursop juices. Later we went to the Night Safari where our favorite animals were probably the Slow Loris.

singapore-in-general-we-were-a-little_0 singapore-in-general-we-were-a-little_1 singapore-in-general-we-were-a-little_2 singapore-in-general-we-were-a-little_3 singapore-in-general-we-were-a-little_4 singapore-in-general-we-were-a-little_5 singapore-in-general-we-were-a-little_6 singapore-in-general-we-were-a-little_7


We went straight to the beach - Pantai Cenang. The water was warm but still refreshing for repeated dips in between some sun bathing. Diana had a lovely walk along the beach and saw all kinds of washed up critters including jellyfish, a squid, and some other kid of speckled mollusk. Meanwhile Grin had some quiet reading time. We watched the sunset and then had dinner at an Indian place with awesome mutton saagwalla and lots of garlic naan.

Last view of Singapore First view of Langkawi Even the Airport is pretty langkawi-we-went-straight-to-the-beach-pantai_3 langkawi-we-went-straight-to-the-beach-pantai_4 langkawi-we-went-straight-to-the-beach-pantai_5 langkawi-we-went-straight-to-the-beach-pantai_6 langkawi-we-went-straight-to-the-beach-pantai_7 langkawi-we-went-straight-to-the-beach-pantai_8 langkawi-we-went-straight-to-the-beach-pantai_9

Langkawi Cablecar and SkyBridge

The gradient is said to be the steepest in the world at 42°. It also has the longest free span for a mono-cable car at 950 m (3,120 ft).

langkawi-cable-car-and-skybridge-the-gradient_0 langkawi-cable-car-and-skybridge-the-gradient_1 langkawi-cable-car-and-skybridge-the-gradient_2 langkawi-cable-car-and-skybridge-the-gradient_3 langkawi-cable-car-and-skybridge-the-gradient_4 langkawi-cable-car-and-skybridge-the-gradient_5 langkawi-cable-car-and-skybridge-the-gradient_6 langkawi-cable-car-and-skybridge-the-gradient_7 langkawi-cable-car-and-skybridge-the-gradient_8

Telaga Tujuh (Seven Fells)

The sign post reads:

Legend has it that fairies used to come down to the waterfall to bathe and frolic.

telaga-tujuh-seven-wells-the-sign-post-reads_0 telaga-tujuh-seven-wells-the-sign-post-reads_1 telaga-tujuh-seven-wells-the-sign-post-reads_2 telaga-tujuh-seven-wells-the-sign-post-reads_3 telaga-tujuh-seven-wells-the-sign-post-reads_4 telaga-tujuh-seven-wells-the-sign-post-reads_5 telaga-tujuh-seven-wells-the-sign-post-reads_6 telaga-tujuh-seven-wells-the-sign-post-reads_7