Grin and Diana

Our travels around the world

Southeast Asia

Georgetown, Penang

It was a challenge to find the Lorong baru hawker stands which were just off our map. When we got there ee ate a million things: satay, chee cheong fun, seafood char koay kak, curry mee, ais kacang, more crepe cake. We walked home to Guest Inn Muntri through love lane past lots of hipster coffee shops and a shop that let us send postcards into the future.

georgetown-penang-it-was-a-challenge-to-find_0 georgetown-penang-it-was-a-challenge-to-find_1 Lorong Baru hawker stands georgetown-penang-it-was-a-challenge-to-find_3 georgetown-penang-it-was-a-challenge-to-find_4 georgetown-penang-it-was-a-challenge-to-find_5 georgetown-penang-it-was-a-challenge-to-find_6 georgetown-penang-it-was-a-challenge-to-find_7 georgetown-penang-it-was-a-challenge-to-find_8 georgetown-penang-it-was-a-challenge-to-find_9

Back to Kuala Lumpur - Lake Gardens and Menara KL Tower

Ate breakfast in Clockwise cafe in Penang. Grin immediately identified our waitress as Ukrainian and she seemed pleased for the chance to speak her native language. Diana had mango pancakes, Grin had a salmon omelet and pue reh tea. Then we took a longer than expected bus ride back to KL and so scraped our plans to visit the Batu Caves but we were instead able to check out the Lake Gardens before dinner.

Atmosphere 360 - the rotating restaurant on top of the Menara KL tower - turned out to be to expensive for our tastes. But the view was still nice even on a cloudy day! We ended up getting delicious Thai food nearby.

Breakfast at a cafe in Penang back-to-kuala-lumpur-at-breakfast-in-clockwise_1 back-to-kuala-lumpur-at-breakfast-in-clockwise_2 back-to-kuala-lumpur-at-breakfast-in-clockwise_3 back-to-kuala-lumpur-at-breakfast-in-clockwise_4 kuala-lumpur-more-lake-gardens-and-menara-kl_0 kuala-lumpur-more-lake-gardens-and-menara-kl_1 kuala-lumpur-more-lake-gardens-and-menara-kl_2 kuala-lumpur-more-lake-gardens-and-menara-kl_3 kuala-lumpur-more-lake-gardens-and-menara-kl_4 kuala-lumpur-more-lake-gardens-and-menara-kl_5 kuala-lumpur-more-lake-gardens-and-menara-kl_6 kuala-lumpur-more-lake-gardens-and-menara-kl_7

Abu Dhabi - Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

A massive and ornate building - clearly the best part of our day-long layover.

abu-dhabi-sheikh-zayed-grand-mosque-a-massive_0 abu-dhabi-sheikh-zayed-grand-mosque-a-massive_1 abu-dhabi-sheikh-zayed-grand-mosque-a-massive_2 abu-dhabi-sheikh-zayed-grand-mosque-a-massive_3 abu-dhabi-sheikh-zayed-grand-mosque-a-massive_4 abu-dhabi-sheikh-zayed-grand-mosque-a-massive_5 abu-dhabi-sheikh-zayed-grand-mosque-a-massive_6 abu-dhabi-sheikh-zayed-grand-mosque-a-massive_7 abu-dhabi-sheikh-zayed-grand-mosque-a-massive_8 abu-dhabi-sheikh-zayed-grand-mosque-a-massive_9

The rest of Abu Dhabi

Wandering around Abu Dhabi turned out to be an odd plan as the city is really built for cars. But the buses were easy to figure out and we had a good lunch at a Nepali restaurant and enjoyed walking down The Corniche walkway (near the beach). Eventually we sought A/C and wifi at a shopping center. Grabbed some yummy shwarma-like sandwitches and an amazing kiwi smoothie on our way back to the airport.

We were overall pleased with Etihad airways - though the onboard prayers were a bit creapy!: “In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate. All praise be to Ahhah, the One who has placed this transportation at our service, that we ourselves would not have been capable of, and to Allah we shall return. In the name of Allah, we begin to move (take-off) and stop (land). With His protection, Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate.”

the-rest-of-abu-dhabi-wandering-around-abu-dhabi_0 the-rest-of-abu-dhabi-wandering-around-abu-dhabi_1 the-rest-of-abu-dhabi-wandering-around-abu-dhabi_2 the-rest-of-abu-dhabi-wandering-around-abu-dhabi_3 the-rest-of-abu-dhabi-wandering-around-abu-dhabi_4 the-rest-of-abu-dhabi-wandering-around-abu-dhabi_5 the-rest-of-abu-dhabi-wandering-around-abu-dhabi_6 the-rest-of-abu-dhabi-wandering-around-abu-dhabi_7

Yefim & Yana’s Wedding - New York!

It has been an absolutely incredible trip, but we are happy to be home again, and happy to make it back just in time to celebrate this wonderful event!

yefim-yanas-wedding-new-york-it-has-been_0 yefim-yanas-wedding-new-york-it-has-been_1 yefim-yanas-wedding-new-york-it-has-been_2