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First Week with SAMU

My first week was pretty exciting. The very first case was a elderly women who was out celebrating her birthday and choked on a piece of meat. We were able to remove the obstruction and stabailize her for transport, but she had been out for too long and died before the end of the week. We also had several interventions for assesing chest pain or dyspnea, an ectopic pregnancy, a man vomiting blood, throat cancer, and epilepsy. We pronouced one death - a very old Alzheimer's patient who collapsed to the ground in cardiac arrest. Upon arrival the doctor called his daughter who agreed to let him go peacefully instead of attempting resuscitation. I had to wonder whether we would do that or not in the US without a standing DNR... I'll be finding out more about American practices soon enough!

43612464-samu View from the bus stop on the way home