Grin and Diana

Our travels around the world

Luxembourg Quarter and Latin Quarter

Fontaine Médicis Diana the huntress in front of Palais du Luxembourg Jardin du Luxembourg One of many impressive sculptures in the gardins A catalpa tree! (reminds me of home) Guards in cute hats St-Sulpice St-Sulpice Expo of ceramics outside St-Sulpice Pottery at the expo of ceramics outside St-Sulpice Squid pottery at the expo of ceramics outside St-Sulpice. Gallery of the Kings at Musée National du Moyen Age Musée National du Moyen Age (Square de Cluny).  I stumbled on this unintentionally but it was wonderful - and good timing since the first Sunday of every month is free at some museums including this one. Cluny Cluny staircase Gérard Mulot - one example of the many amazing boulangeries (bakeries).  The colorful cookies are their macaroons, but they're very different from macaroons I've had before with a filling in the middle.  Not my favorite - I got a delicious tarte aux pommes (nearby). 42781191-snacks 42781193-macaroons 42781202-fruit_cakes The Panthéon with St-Etienne-du-Mont in the background.  Accross the street are two huge curved buildings, one with the common engraving Liberté, égalité, fraternité. Inside St-Etienne-du-Mont