Grin and Diana

Our travels around the world


Saturday I slept in. I then intended to go the the Louvre, but as I was drinking a coffee outside I met an Arabic decorative painter outside who was looking for Jardin des Tuileries and he convinced me to join him. His french (2nd language) was better than his english which was far better than my french... but that actually worked out well for someone for me to endeavor to speak with. When it started raining we ducked into this AHAE photography exhibit. It was cliche material, but it was done well so still very enjoyable.

In the evening, Caitlin and Zia and I had a picnic on the Seine with some wine and champagne and then went to a Caitlin's favorite bar for some dancing. Glad to get a taste for the night life and glad to have done so with friends.

43166555-ahae 43166569-ahae_2 43166590-meemo Jardin du Palais Royal One of the many statues of Joan of Arc. This one is at Place des Pyramides. A bunch of women doing i'm-really-not-sure-what in a courtyard of Palais Royal. Maybe it was a bachlorette party, but there were a lot of other people standing around watching them repeatedly try to jump in unison. Maybe it had something to do with Comédie Française, the national theater next door. St Rouch, a church on Rue St Honore which was very nice to walk along. Jardin des Tuileries Jardin des Tuileries Jardin des Tuileries Place Vendôme was the first big attraction that I wasn't impressed with... it was also one of the only places I can think of devoid of any plant life, so that might be the connection. I think I should get more plants in my life back in Philly. A swarm of pigeons in the middle of the grass at the Jardin du Palais Royal. I think the pigeons are more numerous here and also look healthier and coo a heck of a lot more too. That's relative to Philly, but perhaps it's more comparable to New York or other larger cities.