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First Few Days in Colombo

On our walk home from Galle Fort we checked out Seema Malakaya meditation center situation in the mittle of South Beira Lake.

Commones cafe is really delicious as well as convienant, and cheap by American standards if not Sri lankan (our tab was ~$10 for us both - one standard “rice and curry” meal is ~200 rupees / ~$1.50). Looks like the pictured chicken kottu and veggie curry rotti might be staples in our diet.

We’ll stop with the balcony pics after this but it’s really pretty nice out there. In the mornings there are usually groups of rose-ringed parakeets that fly by as well as healthy looking crows everwhere and chimpmunks scurring across the rooftops.

first-few-days-in-colombo-on-our-walk-home-from_0 first-few-days-in-colombo-on-our-walk-home-from_1 first-few-days-in-colombo-on-our-walk-home-from_2 first-few-days-in-colombo-on-our-walk-home-from_3 The largest of the 3 geckos I've spotted in or around our house Commons cafe first-few-days-in-colombo-on-our-walk-home-from_6 Amazing sunsets