Grin and Diana

Our travels around the world

Georgetown, Penang

It was a challenge to find the Lorong baru hawker stands which were just off our map. When we got there ee ate a million things: satay, chee cheong fun, seafood char koay kak, curry mee, ais kacang, more crepe cake. We walked home to Guest Inn Muntri through love lane past lots of hipster coffee shops and a shop that let us send postcards into the future.

georgetown-penang-it-was-a-challenge-to-find_0 georgetown-penang-it-was-a-challenge-to-find_1 Lorong Baru hawker stands georgetown-penang-it-was-a-challenge-to-find_3 georgetown-penang-it-was-a-challenge-to-find_4 georgetown-penang-it-was-a-challenge-to-find_5 georgetown-penang-it-was-a-challenge-to-find_6 georgetown-penang-it-was-a-challenge-to-find_7 georgetown-penang-it-was-a-challenge-to-find_8 georgetown-penang-it-was-a-challenge-to-find_9