Grin and Diana

Our travels around the world


We went straight to the beach - Pantai Cenang. The water was warm but still refreshing for repeated dips in between some sun bathing. Diana had a lovely walk along the beach and saw all kinds of washed up critters including jellyfish, a squid, and some other kid of speckled mollusk. Meanwhile Grin had some quiet reading time. We watched the sunset and then had dinner at an Indian place with awesome mutton saagwalla and lots of garlic naan.

Last view of Singapore First view of Langkawi Even the Airport is pretty langkawi-we-went-straight-to-the-beach-pantai_3 langkawi-we-went-straight-to-the-beach-pantai_4 langkawi-we-went-straight-to-the-beach-pantai_5 langkawi-we-went-straight-to-the-beach-pantai_6 langkawi-we-went-straight-to-the-beach-pantai_7 langkawi-we-went-straight-to-the-beach-pantai_8 langkawi-we-went-straight-to-the-beach-pantai_9