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Last day at NHSL

I have had an absolutely wonderful experience at the National Hospital. Everyone has been so welcoming and kind. My last day happened to be the birthday of one of the interns and all the housestaff got together for a mid-day celebration. I had wanted to do something nice for them and offered to take them all out for ice cream after work. Somehow this turned into us all going out to dinner at Upali’s (traditional Sri Lanken food) and they staunchly refused to even let me contribute to the bill and moreover had some souvenirs for me. They asked me about my impressions of Sri Lanka and also spoke about what my presence meant to them. I was thoroughly embarrassed but also so grateful to have gotten to know so many amazing people - other future doctors on the other side of the world!

This is how the nurses dispense medicines! Upali's The birthday girl being surprised! And feeding all her guests cake!