Grin and Diana

Our travels around the world

National Hospital

This is where Diana will be working! There are ~50 male patients on one ward and ~50 females on another, all cared for by one attending or “madame.” That’s what they all call her but when I picked it up one of the “registrars” (residents) shook his head and said “it’s a strange tradition that we call her that much less you.”

The walk home is ~1/2hr so I’ll probably usually take a tuk tuk (once I learn how to tell them where to take me). But most of the walk is through Viharamahadevi Park which is really quite lovely.

Red marker is the hospital. Blue dot is our apartment. national-hospital-this-is-where-diana-will-be_1 national-hospital-this-is-where-diana-will-be_2 national-hospital-this-is-where-diana-will-be_3 national-hospital-this-is-where-diana-will-be_4