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Still Day 1 of Kuala Lumpur

We did the walking tour recommended by our guide book and saw Sri mahamariamman temple, Merdaka Sq, and Sze ya temple amoung other sites. We didn’t actually make it in to Masjid jamek mosque as it was prayer time when we went, but it was lovely from the outside anyway. By the time we made it to Damai 11, our hotel near the ultimate fields, we were pretty wiped.

still-day-1-of-kuala-lumpur-we-did-the-walking_0 These noodles with special sause were so good we quickly ordered seconds! Sze ya temple Sze ya temple still-day-1-of-kuala-lumpur-we-did-the-walking_4 still-day-1-of-kuala-lumpur-we-did-the-walking_5 Delicious Vanilla Mille Crepe Cake! Masjid jamek By the time we made to our accommodations we were pretty wiped