Grin and Diana

Our travels around the world


Nationals and Chicago

After Nationals we stayed an extra 24hours to check out Chicago. Sunday stayed with Eric and Emily and had a scrumptious dinner at Girl & the Goat and then a view over Millenium Park at Cindy's. Then Monday we headed back into the city on our own and grabbed a delicious brunch at Kanela on our way to the Navy Pier. We took an architectural river tour through the 3 forks of the city's "Y" shaped river - our guide Jim was full of energy and puns. Then we went to Millenium park in daylight where we ran into Sara and Zach. We grabbed some deep dish pizza at Ginos and then made it down to Buckingham fountain before calling it quits for the day and heading to the airport with Squeege and Adge.

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