Grin and Diana

Our travels around the world

Arrival in Melaka

On the bus, Grin made faces at a little german girl and kept her laughing just about the whole way. At the end, the bus into the crowded city was moving so slowly at a certain point it was much faster for us to get out and walk the rest of the way! We immediately walked past Stadthuys and the old Dutch parts of the city to make it to our hotel Jalan Jalan so we could leave our backpacks at home for a rest.

arrival-in-malacca-on-the-bus-grin-made-faces_0 arrival-in-malacca-on-the-bus-grin-made-faces_1 The tricked out trishaws arrival-in-malacca-on-the-bus-grin-made-faces_3 arrival-in-malacca-on-the-bus-grin-made-faces_4 arrival-in-malacca-on-the-bus-grin-made-faces_5 arrival-in-malacca-on-the-bus-grin-made-faces_6