Grin and Diana

Our travels around the world

Melaka Night Market

Melaka was jam packed with people for the long weekend and the Jonker’s night market was quite a specktacle. They had tricked out trishaws brightly colored to celebrate a particular event or cartoon character. We left out things at Jalan Jalan hostal. A bit overwhelmed by the crowd, we ducked into a sit-down cafe for dinner where we had dragon fruit and lime mint juices as well as yummy noodles. Then we continued on through the night market where we at a lot more weird things such as raddish cake, durian (fruit), and fried squid. There was a little side garden with a Mr. Universe statue - he seemed to be quite popular. At the end of the night we got massages. Grin’s “leg” massage really focused predominately on their specialty - the feet. Diana’s “back” massage though was really a full body intense experience with a lot of manipulations and cracking as the masseuse scampered squatting along the edges of the bed - woo!

Durian! melacca-night-market-melacca-was-jam-packed-with_1 melacca-night-market-melacca-was-jam-packed-with_2 melacca-night-market-melacca-was-jam-packed-with_3 melacca-night-market-melacca-was-jam-packed-with_4 melacca-night-market-melacca-was-jam-packed-with_5 About to get a foot massage