Grin and Diana

Our travels around the world

Exploring Fort and Pettah

We tried to start the morning off my stopping at the “Good market” which is supposed to be a type of farmers market with baked goods on Saturday mornings at the racecourse, but there was some other holiday so it wasn’t happening. Instead we made our way over to a crunch establishment called Milk and Honey. Grin got too hungry on the way and had a snack at the Coffee Bean and surprisingly liked Diana’s coffee. Ok not so surprising - it was called the “ultimate” ice blended chocolate covered expresso bean drink.

Then we took a three-wheeler up to Fort and walked around the most colonia part of colombo including the “Old dutch hospital” - which is now a pretty mall. We then made our way over the Pettah and Grin immediately bought some of the lose pants we’d seen others wearing. Once we expressed interest they were pretty pushy - helpful but pushy - and i felt reluctant to express interest in any other wares. But it was certainly a site! A bird pooped on our guide book - but at least not our heads!

After we went to Hotel de Pilawoos for reports of excellent Kottu. It was indeed excellent, especially after so much walking!

The Racecourse Milk & Honey Old Galle Buck Lighthouse Samboghi Chaitiya World Trade Center Tallest chandelier in Asia (in Central Point) exploring-fort-and-pettah-we-tried-to-start-the_6 exploring-fort-and-pettah-we-tried-to-start-the_7 Dutch Period Museum exploring-fort-and-pettah-we-tried-to-start-the_9