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Pick up Ultimate and really good food

Spent a lot of Sunday at Commons cafe… we somewhat live there now because the internet there is way better than at Chelsea Garden. But who could say no to this Pol Rotti tandoori chicken sandwitch or this fizzy tropical fruit puree?!

Then we went to Pick up at Moors cricket club. There were at least 28 people who came out - we had 2 good games going! This photo is actually from when Grin went back for more at 6:15am on the 22nd.

We had considered going for a swim in a fancy hotel pool afterward but there was a downpour that obviated the need. Then we hit up Park St Mews for a second time where we adored their passion fruit smoothie (with yogurt and honey) so much we got 3. Diana’s crab aioli pasta and Grin’s bacon wrapped chicken with beat salad as well as the mascarpone cheesecake and pictured lemon tart were all pretty great too!

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