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Island Hopping Off Langkawi

We originally wanted to go snorkling, but the prime snorkling (Langkawi Coral) was a long boat ride away, and this deal was much more convieniant and reasonable. It was a half-day boat ride through the islands with 3 stops: Island of the Pregnant Lady, watching eagles feeding, and Beras Basah Island.

island-hoping-off-langkawi-we-originally-wanted_0 See the pregnant lady? Lake of the Pregnant lady island-hoping-off-langkawi-we-originally-wanted_3 island-hoping-off-langkawi-we-originally-wanted_4 island-hoping-off-langkawi-we-originally-wanted_5 island-hoping-off-langkawi-we-originally-wanted_6 island-hoping-off-langkawi-we-originally-wanted_7 island-hoping-off-langkawi-we-originally-wanted_8 island-hoping-off-langkawi-we-originally-wanted_9