Grin and Diana

Our travels around the world

Resort and Night market

To witness the full glory of the sunset we had walked off Pantai Kok beach around a rocky point and accidentally ended up on what was pribably the private beach of Berjaya Langkawi Resort. We walked confidently out through the resort, spotting a giant squirrel on the way. We requested they call a cab, and they provided us a fancy one at a “discounted rate” that was similar to what a normal cab would cost, see that we were presumably patrons. We took it to the traveling Langkawi night market. After perusing we asked how we might find a cab back to Sweet Inn. It turned out we had asked an off service cab driver. He directed us toward the best area. A few minutes later he drove up with his wife and young son and offered to take us where we were going as he was headed in the same direction anyway! He chatted with us about our travels and made suggestions for the next day. What kindness!!

Giant flying squirrel! Sneaking through the fancy resort resort-and-night-market-to-witness-the-full_2 Leg of lamb? Our favorite rehydration solution! LIttle girl passed out in a giant baking pan