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Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic\_of\_the\_Tooth

Arrived during puja (prayer time) to hear chanting and be swept amid a large mass of people through the central area where theoretically the Buddha’s tooth is housed in a series of 6 gold dagoba caskets.

temple-of-the-sacred-tooth-relic_0 temple-of-the-sacred-tooth-relic_1 temple-of-the-sacred-tooth-relic_2 temple-of-the-sacred-tooth-relic_3 temple-of-the-sacred-tooth-relic_4 temple-of-the-sacred-tooth-relic_5 temple-of-the-sacred-tooth-relic_6 temple-of-the-sacred-tooth-relic_7 The tree under which the Buddha meditated for 7 straight days temple-of-the-sacred-tooth-relic_9 temple-of-the-sacred-tooth-relic_91 Central area of the temple very crowded during puja with people carrying flowers and babies temple-of-the-sacred-tooth-relic_93 temple-of-the-sacred-tooth-relic_94 temple-of-the-sacred-tooth-relic_95