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Udawatta Kele Sanctuary\_Kele\_Sanctuary

The map of the trails left something to be desired, but we still stumbled upon a tribe of around 20-30 monkeys playing. A monk came by as we watched and seemed amused at our excitement, noting that they are “everywhere” and that many creatures can be seen in these woods if we approach quietly. He spoke superb english and also gave us the handy warning that there are many leaches in the area but they are really quite harmless.

udawatta-kele-sanctuary_0 udawatta-kele-sanctuary_1 udawatta-kele-sanctuary_2 udawatta-kele-sanctuary_3 Spot the Crocodile? udawatta-kele-sanctuary_5 Giant bamboo next to the hermit's hideout See the Toque monkeys hiding in the leaves? udawatta-kele-sanctuary_8 udawatta-kele-sanctuary_9